About the ferry

If you look at an old map of Wivenhoe, you will see two ferries marked.  One ferry route runs from Wivenhoe (near the bottom of Bethany street) to Fingringhoe and the other from Wivenhoe (from ferry marsh) to Rowhedge.  Whilst the regular ferry to Fingringhoe ceased in 1953 and that to Rowhedge in 1961, a new service was started around 1992. It travels mostly between Wivenhoe and Rowhedge although it does land at Fingringhoe on request if the water is right.  The Wivenhoe, Fingringhoe and Rowhedge Ferry  is a Community Interest Company . As such it is run entirely by the volunteers for the community. 


Accounts of the original ferries and the founding of the current ferry can be read in the oral history project.



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